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At The Oaks of Clearwater, it is not just the amazing views and fun activities that keep our resident’s satisfied. Our caring, compassionate team takes pride in the responsibility and privilege of providing a quality of life to our resident’s that truly enhances their lives. At The Oaks of Clearwater, our leadership and compassion begins with our management team, and is evident throughout our entire organization.

Our Management Team

Greg Turnbo
Greg TurnboExecutive Director & Nursing Home Administrator
The Executive Director is responsible for the overall day to day operations of the building. The Executive Director oversees the management team, and helps the building maintain good operating order, while catering to the overall satisfaction and concerns of the residents. The Nursing Home Administrator oversees the care and management of staff for the Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation floor at The Oaks of Clearwater. The Nursing Home Administrator is the direct reporting manager of all health care staff and therapy pertaining to our nursing residents and patients.
John Westling
John WestlingController
The Controller oversees the financial functions of the building at large, and the financial responsibilities of our residents. The Controller is the direct reporting manager of the business office staff and ancillary accounting representatives.
Brittany Osbourn
Brittany OsbournResident Services Director
Resident Services Director oversees and assists the residents with any and all concerns, questions or suggestions, to ensure the BEST possible Caring, Compassionate Service is delivered. Resident Services Director also oversees the front desk and coordinates administration for the Executive Director.
Fran Davis
Fran DavisAssisted Living Administrator
The Assisted Living Administrator is responsible for the functions and oversight of staff and care pertaining to the Assisted Living portion of our community. The Assisted Living Administrator works to ensure our Assisted Living residents are receiving the physical, mental and social care they need to thrive in our community. This administrator is also the direct reporting manager of all Assisted Living Staff, and oversees their operation and function.
Michael Davis
Michael DavisMemory Care Coordinator
The Memory Care Coordinator is responsible for the oversight and management of our Memory Care Community. This director manages staff, coordinates care, serves families and infiltrates our programs in accordance with the latest research in Dementia Care. We serve residents that suffer from the cognitive deficits related to Alzheimer’s and related Dementias in an effort to maximize their quality of life, safety, and overall well-being.
Nicole D McIlroy
Nicole D McIlroyDining Services Director
The Dining Services Director is responsible for the daily food service operation. The Dining Services Director is responsible for the creating of the resident menus, and making sure that our residents are receiving snacks and nourishment several times a day to help with their overall well-being and functioning. The Dining Services Manager oversees the operation of distribution of meals to all residents and caters several special events and marketing ventures for the building.
Carl Jenkins
Carl JenkinsMaintenance Director
The duties and responsibilities of the Maintenance Director include planning, organizing, developing and directing the overall operation of the Maintenance Department for buildings, grounds and equipment. These responsibilities must be in accordance with current federal, state and local standards, guidelines and regulations to assure the facility is maintained in a safe and comfortable manner. Planning and controlling the budget of the department, employee hiring and counseling as well as monitoring legal compliance measures within the department.
Paula Perez
Paula PerezHousekeeping Director
The Housekeeping Director is the direct reporting manager of all housekeeping staff and personnel. The Housekeeping Director oversees the staff responsible for the cleaning and linen services provided to our residents. The housekeeping director also keeps the home of our residents clean, tidy, and safe.
Scott Rathburn
Scott RathburnActivities Director
The Activities Director is responsible for creating and implementing a social calendar for our residents. The Activities Director plans fun and exciting things for our residents to do on a daily basis that helps promote their overall well-being, and that stimulates our residents cognitive and physical functioning.
Brooke Lootens
Brooke LootensDirector of Human Resorces
Guides and manages the overall provision of Human Resources services, policies, and programs for the entire community. The major areas directed are: Recruiting and staffing, employment and compliance to regulatory concerns, employee orientation, development, and training, policy documentation, employee relations, company employee and community communication, compensation and benefits administration, employee safety, welfare, wellness and health & payroll.
Thomas McCorry
Thomas McCorryDirector of Companion Resources
The Companion Services Director is responsible for the oversight and management of our Companion Services Program. This program delivers A-La- Carte services to our residents ranging from simple companion services, to nurse administered care. The Companion Services Director initiates the scheduling and coordination of these services to our residents.
Kathleen Nishimura
Kathleen NishimuraMarketing Director
The Marketing Director is responsible for providing marketing and sales knowledge about our community to prospective clients that are interested in Senior Living at The Oaks of Clearwater. The Marketing Director oversees the department responsible for community relations and the building of relationships with the external community. The Marketing Director helps our seniors and their families find a comfortable and enjoyable lifestyle within our community.
Manny Pagan
Manny PaganAssisted Living Nurse
The Oaks of Clearwater’s Assisted Living Nurse oversees the clinical operations and nursing services of our assisted living and memory care community. The Assisted Living Nurse works with our residents, staff, and families to assist in the individualized care planning process to ensure our residents receive the Caring, Compassionate Service they deserve.
Marcela Powers
Marcela PowersCommunity Liaison
The Oaks of Clearwater’s Community Liaison is the director of professional development for the community. Our Community Liaison initiates, and maintains relationships with the external community, and through business development drives our community presence and involvement.