Dining Services

Balanced lifestyle, balanced diet.

Dining at The Oaks of Clearwater is truly a delightful experience. The Oaks of Clearwater provides all of our residents with three well balanced, nutritional, chef-prepared meals daily. The Oaks of Clearwater provides a variety of options for meals to our residents on a daily basis. Our dining department incorporates unique dishes to accommodate for our residents selective palettes, and is creative in providing specialized dishes for every meal.

The Oaks of Clearwater has ten dining rooms in total, with the main dining room open to all residents located on the first floor at the west end of our formal lobby. Our main dining room overlooks the gorgeous waters of Clearwater Bay, and the ambiance created by the reflection and setting of the sun over the water provide our residents with a picturesque view as they dine, all the time.

Each of our meals at The Oaks of Clearwater is served restaurant style, and specific meal has featured items, and signature Chef’s choice items. If one of our residents would prefer to eat something that is not listed as a featured item on our menu for that particular meal, there are always a list of alternatives that are available.

The Oaks of Clearwater’s Chef and culinary team carefully plan out our resident’s menus on a monthly and weekly basis to make sure that our residents are receiving a variety of options on an ongoing basis. Upon request, our dining department may be able to accommodate for special dietary requests that are verified by medical documentation.

Our dining services team makes sure our residents are receiving proper nutrition all day long and not just during meal times. We strongly believe in the satisfaction of our residents all day long, and to ensure their stomachs are never left empty we provide off meal time snack and hydration options for the residents who we monitor from a healthcare standpoint. We offer consistent opportunity for hydration for all of our residents through our scattered water fountains, coffee station in our main lobby, and through our designated health care staff throughout the building.

If you have any questions regarding meals, or our snack and hydration program at The Oaks of Clearwater, please call us at (727) 445-4069.